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Tips & Tricks - All About Party Themes

Sarah Reuangrith Party Planning Tips

Every Tuesday on our social media accounts I share my tips and tricks related to our monthly theme. So that you don't miss any of our tips, I am also putting them together in this blog post. I hope you enjoy them.

This month is all about using party themes to escalate your event from alright to BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR, I hope you enjoy my tips. I would love to hear in the comments some of your tips related to party themes.

The thing about party themes is that they don't have to be BIG or CRAZY things, they could be something really simple such as picking your favorite colour and planning your event around it. The whole point of picking a theme is to help make things easier so don't stress about this small aspect of the event. Whenever I host a dinner party I tend to use colour as a theme as I am really only decorating my table so put some attention into making it look nice. The colour I choose is usually based on what colours of napkins and chargers I have on hand or on an upcoming holiday (red for Valentine's Day or pastels for Easter). I even used this trick for my wedding as my husband and I chose a theme of black, white and royal blue.  We used these three colours in guiding our decisions about all aspects of the wedding: invites, cake, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, table settings, flowers, signage, thank you cards, etc. Have you ever used colour as a theme for your event?

A really great way to pick a theme is to go to your dollar store or party planning store and pick your theme around what is popular. Having a theme with easy to find decorations can save you a lot time running from store to store. Plus, people have already done the work for you on sites like Pinterest where you can find hundreds of decorating ideas based around your theme. If you like to stand out and have something a bit more unique, then pick something that has elements of what is popular in it so that can share some of the same decorations and ideas. For example, when the parent committee planned my daughters Christmas party we choose a theme of snowflakes. With the popularity of "Frozen" we were able to find lots of items in the blue, silver and white colours that we were looking for that also had snowflakes on them. We didn't use any of the characters but because of their popularity there was lots of great decorating ideas that came close enough to our theme that we were able to use them. Have you ever done this when picking a theme?

So many times I have been to events and seen a stack of party favors/loot bags/gifts sitting by the door ready for people to take one as they leave. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, I think you are really missing out on an opportunity to save some money on decorations by incorporating these gift into your decor. Generally if you are giving something to everyone at an event it fits the theme. Instead of having it tucked away, bring it front and center. If you are hosting a seated dinner, leave your favor at each persons spot and if it is a standing event, use them to decorate the tables around the room. You can announce that people should take one when they leave but in the meantime you don't need to purchase as many decorations as your table/room naturally looks fuller when you move the location of these gifts. In the picture you can see how I did it one year for Easter. I hosted a small brunch and left a gift box of Trade & Mark Soap Company's soap at each persons spot. It brought some colour to my table and made everything look so pretty! If I had left these near the door, I would have needed to find another way to bring in some colour that likely would cost me some money.

Instead of purchasing disposable party decorations, why not use everyday items that fit into your theme. For example, if you are hosting a pirate themed event put out your costume jewelry and wooden bowls for a fun treasure center piece. Or for a theme of Mickey Mouse ask to borrow all the Mickey stuffed animals of your neighbors and put them around the room. It is truly amazing at what you can come up with using simple items you have at home with a slight twist. Bring out jewelry, toys, books that fit your theme and display them proudly. In the above picture we were having a high tea themed event. I put floating candles in my extra tea cups, flowers in some wine glasses and then used all my pearl necklaces and costume jewelry to dress up the table.  I was really pleased with the final look and it cost me nothing. I would love to hear some of the ideas you have used to decorate without breaking the bank?

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