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How To Host An Awesome Easter Brunch

Sarah Reuangrith Brunch Easter Tips

Every Tuesday on our social media accounts I share my tips and tricks related to our monthly theme. So that you don't miss any of our tips, I am also putting them together in this blog post. I hope you enjoy them.

This month is all about hosting an amazing Easter brunch. I hope you enjoy my tips. I would love to hear in the comments some of your tips related to party themes.


 My kids make HUGE messes when they eat. I mean food is everywhere. Then after they have spread the contents all over the table they proceed to stick it all in their mouths taking lots of breaks to suck on the table, chairs or anything else in reaching distance. I was super excited to realize that Busy Bree's Wax Wraps would stick to the table once I unwrapped the kids food making an amazing place-mat that they couldn't throw onto the floor. You could also wrap the end around the edge of the table so that the kids were not touching the dirty underside. Highly recommend buying some large wraps and using them as a portable table cloth. 


When you host a brunch, you are likely going to be serving lots of tea and coffee. Since it is early, there is a good chance your guests are still half asleep and need this caffeine hit to help them get going. Make things really easy for them by using different mugs so that they can easily tell which one is theirs. 

One of the things I always seem to forget when I am planning a brunch is that it happens in the morning... silly right? I get really ambitious and for some reason forget that unlike an evening meal, I don't have all day to prep for it. Make things easy for yourself and limit the number of dishes you need to prepare. Better yet, pick one thing and have lots of different toppings. This makes it easier to prep and everyone has so much fun picking what type of syrup they want.


Have you ever been to an Easter egg hunt with kids of multiple ages? Often what I have seen happen is that all the older ones grab all the easy to reach/find eggs leaving the slower younger children left to find the eggs they can't reach or see. An easy fix to this is to assign each child (or age group) a different colour of egg. They are only allowed to grab the colour they are assigned. That way the Easter bunny can leave eggs easily in reach for the young ones and make things a bit harder for the older kids.

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