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Tips & Tricks - Running a Small Business

Sarah Reuangrith Small Business Tips

Every Tuesday on our social media accounts I share my tips and tricks related to our monthly theme. So that you don't miss any of our tips, I am also putting them together in this blog post. I hope you enjoy them.

This month our theme is Running a Small Business, I hope you enjoy my tips. If you are a business owner yourself make sure you share your tips in the comments.

My to do list is massive! I am an ideas person which means I come up with at least one new idea a day for something I want to try. This means that I am continually behind and sometimes the most important things slip through the cracks as I am so busy reacting to life. I read an article a few years ago that talked about the idea of asking yourself one simple question at the beginning of your day and then making sure that you planned your day around your answer. The question was "How can I add the most value today?". This may seem like a simple questions but it isn't. To answer it you have to have a strong grasp on what your values are and what you want out of life. I encourage you to take a minute this morning and see what your answer is? If you focus your time and energy into this one task today and then ask it again tomorrow and every day afterwards, I bet you will be amazed at how your life looks in one year. How can you add the most value today?

When I first started Thea-Bel it consumed my time; even when I wasn't working on it, my brain was solving problems. I had so many ideas and there was just so many things to do, things I wanted to do. The problem with it is that when you spend all your time on one thing, other things fall through the cracks. My brain was constantly wondering when I could work on the company again and that meant that I wasn't as present as I should have been. One of the ways I solved this problem was to create office hours. I have set specific times where I can focus 100% on the business so that the rest of the time I can turn off my brain and focus on other things. Do you have office hours for your company?

One of the things I have found is that there is never enough time to get everything done. To be successful you have to spend your time doing what is going to make the largest impact but that isn't possible if you are having a lot of day to day tasks that are taking up all your time. While these tasks still need to be done, you can look at ways to automate or delegate these tasks off. I love my social media scheduling software and my website sends automated messages when certain things happen. Both allow me to automate so I don't have to work as hard (but it still looks like I am). In terms of delegating I hired a book keeper and they actually save me money! They are faster, keep me more organized, have great advice and now save me money on my taxes. I would love to hear how you are automating or delegating in your business?

One of the mistakes I made early on was trying to market Thea-Bel the way I saw other handmade sites doing their marketing. The problem with this is my entire business model is different, I represent other people who make the items and unlike every site I have seen, all the items are in the same place so can ship together; hello savings on shipping not to mention only having to communicate with me instead of each individual company. This is a huge difference that makes customers happy. But what I don't tell them, they won't understand. It is my job to continually remind customers why they should choose me! Let's hear what makes you special?

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