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Top 10 Reasons to Shop Local

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As a small business owner myself, I understand how hard it can be to run one.  That said, I take every opportunity I can to support other small businesses such as Thea-Bel.  It really does make a huge difference!

Here are my top reasons that you should shop from the local small businesses in your neighbourhood.

Top 10 Reasons To Shop Local

In no particular order:

  1. Money stays in your community - this is a huge one for me!  Why would I want my hard earned cash to support another country/rich CEO when there are so many great options right around the corner where the money goes back into the community through sports for their kids or groceries.  
  2. Great Customer Service - Small business owners have their reputations on the line, they want each and every customer they interact with to have a positive experience and tell their friends.
  3. Good Quality - Competition is fierce, to stay in business smaller companies have to have a quality product that they can stand behind.  It is a small world, you don't want bad word of mouth.
  4. Delivery is Faster - Items that don't have to travel as far, take less time to arrive.  
  5. Products Are Safe - Items made in Canada have to follow different guidelines (stricter ones) than some of the other countries out there.  
  6. Workers Are Paid a Fair Wage - Ever wonder how things can be sold so cheap?  Workers around the world manufacturer items in unsafe conditions everyday while making poverty level wages.  Canadians are paid well, so you can feel good about the product/service that you are purchasing.
  7. Better for the Environment - The further items have to travel, the more greenhouse gases are produced.  Also, many countries dispose of chemical/manufacturing waste in ways that damage our planet.
  8. You Don't Pay Duties or Exchange Rates - With the way our dollar can fluctuate, any savings you make by purchasing outside of Canada could be negated due to the exchange rate and unexpected duties when crossing the border.
  9. Talk to The Experts - To compete, many small businesses specialize in something so as to get a niche market.  The owners and staff know their stuff and can quickly answer your questions.
  10. Passion - It is a tough job to own a company, to survive you need to love what you do!

What are your biggest reasons for shopping local?

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