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Upcycled Tie Cell Phone Pockets & Other Bags

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This week we got in some amazing Upcycled Tie Cell Phone Pockets from LB Creations. These handy holders remind me a lot of small purses/bags which meant that I just had to share some of the other "bags" that we have on the website at the same time. Amazingly they all work really well together... Check out the video below to see the different bags we have and then keep reading learn more about all the options we have on the site.

 To see all the Bags we have please checkout this link. We will be updating this gift guide as we get in new items so make sure you bookmark this link.

Handmade Bags

New Items

This week we added new items from LB Creations. To see all the new items check out our What's New Section or shop by vendor at the above links.

 Cell Phone Pocket

Gift Ideas

One of the things that we like to do at Thea-Bel is to be a one stop shop for everything handmade. That means we love to help you put together gifts. Everything on Thea-Bel ships together so why not save some time and money and do all on your shopping on Thea-Bel!

Here are some ideas for you. All items are sold individually so you can easily mix and match to create the perfect gift. 

Upcycled Gift Idea

Save the planet and have some pretty awesome items with this gift idea. Each of these items is on their second life. First we have a cell phone pocket made from an old tie, then we have a card pack of cards that have been cleaned up so that they have a second life and finally we have these extremely warm mittens that were made from old sweaters.

All items were made by LB Creations.

Beach Day Gift Idea

It may already be August but there are still some good beach days a head! In this gift idea we have a scrunchie (Lindsey Gagnon), Beach Bag (MagPie Pie), Drink Cup (H&M Design), Snack/drink Bag (H&M Design) and a reusable water balloon (Lindsey Gagnon). 

Upcycled gift idea

I just love these new cell phone pockets from LB Creations. They feel so luxurious which is probably due to them being made from old ties. Great for when all you want is your phone! I paired this with an upcycled card pack also from LB Creations. In these packs (multiple options available), Lorna has repurposed cards so that they get a second life.

Want More

Make sure you are following Thea-Bel on social media as we will be suggesting gift pairings all week for the new items added. 

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Back to School Gift Guide

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