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Sarah Reuangrith Tips Wedding

Every Tuesday on our social media accounts I share my tips and tricks related to our monthly theme. So that you don't miss any of our tips, I am also putting them together in this blog post. I hope you enjoy them.

This month is all about weddings. I hope you enjoy my tips. I would love to hear in the comments some of your tips and tricks.

One of the best things that I did when I planned my wedding was to give my mom something to do. She was extremely excited, rightfully so, and had more time during the day than I did so was moving a lot faster than me when it came to making decisions. Rather than fight about it, I put her to work. By assigning tasks that I wanted her to work on, there was a lot less chance of her doing things outside of my wedding vision. I highly recommend that when you are doing your initial planning (and as they come up), make a list of things that you would like to have done but don't really care how they are done. Then when people ask to be involved or spend a lot of time giving you advice, make sure you assign them one of these takes. This could be tedious things such as locating addresses or asking for options for catering companies or a list of hotels near the wedding venue or creative elements that you don't have the skill for or just running errands that you are finding hard to do. One of the big things I assigned was for my mom to take on some welcome baskets that were to be left at the hotel for anyone who took advantage of our hotel block. It was something that I really wanted to have but I didn't have time or a budget for it. My mom blew this one out of the park and took care of locating baskets, contacted the hotel to see how many we needed, purchased water, fruit and other items, put together some wedding information and maps to include and finally dropped them off at the hotel. Not only was this a really nice touch for the guests but she did a much better job then I could have. More importantly, it eliminated some of the fighting as I could leave her to do her own thing and know that I wasn't suddenly going to have table arrangements that she took it upon herself to make.

Just like the guest list, the smaller the wedding party, the cheaper the event is. Now I get what you might be thinking; that a lot of the time the wedding party pays for their own outfit, etc. This still holds true though. The larger the wedding party the more flowers you need to purchase, increased transportation costs, more people attending the rehearsal dinner, wedding party gifts... Not to mention the additional time costs: the more people the longer it takes to do anything. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have a large wedding party, just don't let other people talk you into including your second cousin or another person that is not close to you.

Also don't forget that there are lots of other ways to include important people in your wedding without having them in the wedding party. There are speeches, ushers, toasts, MC's... if you ask the correct way, most people are thrilled to be included and may actually be happy they don't have to spring for a new dress or help plan a bridal shower.

One of my best memories from my wedding day was the few minutes that my husband and I took a between our ceremony and reception for just the two of us to practice our wedding dance (I had yet to try it out in my dress and wanted a practice run to make sure I wasn't going to fall on my face). This time was so special to me as it was just the two of us. It really broke up the day, gave us a few minutes to check in and share some memories of the morning so far. I can't recommend enough that you schedule in some time for the two of you at some point in the middle of the day.

This may seem really obvious but it is important enough to mention again and again and again. Make sure you thank everyone. You may be the one who did the most work but there is no way a wedding would happen without the help of a lot of people. Those thank yous go a long way and ensure that people feel appreciated and that your marriage starts off on the correct foot. Some of the people you need to thank in some form or another include: your parents, wedding party, photographer, MC, anyone who did speeches, set up crew, anyone who hosted an event related to the wedding, anyone you borrowed anything from, anyone who ran errands, the musicians at the church/ceremony, anyone who traveled to attend your event and of course anyone who spoiled you with a gift of any kind throughout the course of your wedding season. I know I missed some people, just make sure you thank everyone who helps or attends. 

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