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Awesome Accessories

Sarah Reuangrith Accessories

Awesome Accessories 

 This week I am so excited to talk about some of the new accessories that are launching this week. You can see all the new items in the video below. After I show off the new items, I highlight some of the other amazing accessories on the site. You are not going to want to miss these!

We have way more accessories on the site then I could possibly talk about. To see everything we've got please check out our accessory collection. You can view it here.

Learn More About Our New Products

If you are a Snoopy fan you are going to just love these earrings. Nickel free and made by H&M Design. Check them out


This stunning shawl by Marlene Made is the perfect transitional piece; it can be worn around the shoulders or as a scarf and it looks great but is still comfortable to wear. Check it out

Face masks are required many places that you go so you may as well rock some fun ones such as these Harry Potter ones. A few different patters are available to choose from. Check them out

Grey Shawl

Another beautiful shawl from Marlene Made. The colour is just amazing and is perfect for for going out or staying in. Check it out.

This key chain is perfect for any Snoopy fan. Use it with your keys or simply disply proudly. Made by H&M Design. Check it out

Want to know what is special about this shawl? It comes in two sizes; small and large. That means this is great for mother/daughter pairs. How cute is that? Now you and your mini me can match. Check them out

What's Coming?

Any guesses as to what products are launching on Monday?

Sarah Reuangrith

Fill in the blank and guess our theme for next week. One thing I love is tea, mostly for the caffeine in it. Ever since (insert theme for next week),  I have increased my daily allotment and some days wouldn't survive without it!

What Else We Have Been Up To

What Would You Want To See in a Best Of Thea-Bel Box?
Sarah Reuangrith
Question for you, what products on Thea-Bel would you most want to see in a Best of Thea-Bel Box? This is one of the items that I would really like to get on our site this year. Basically this box would contain all the best products that we sell from a variety of vendors and be sold at a very discounted price. This would be a great way for you to "try" us out. You could see the variety of items we sold while also saving money. What would you want to be included?


Why I Joined?
Why I Joined
The best part of my job is the amazing talents that I get the privilege of working with. Each of them is so different in what they do and also why they joined Thea-Bel. Stacey wanted to make some money but didn't want to have to spend time selling her items. Thankfully, the selling and marketing is exactly what I wanted to do. Win/Win!


Last Chance - Headbands Leaving The Website Soon


With all the new inventory coming in, it is time for some of the older items to be pulled from the site. Headbands from Lindsey Gagnon will be leaving soon to make room for some new inventory. We have headbands for infants, children and adults in a few colours remaining. Check out all the items in our Last Chance Section and make sure you scoop up your favourites before it is too late.  

Mermaid Gift Guide

Mermaid Gift Idea

Check out this mermaid gift idea, perfect for any mermaid fan in your life. All the items are purchased individually so you can mix and match items to your heart's content.


Do I need to even say anything about this one... I mean just look. Adorable!!!!! Items made by Geekdom Knits and H&M Design. Great for the fans in your life. Check out all the items.

Want More?

Make sure you check out the products that launched last week.

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