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Baby Gift Guide

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 Baby Gift Guide

This week I am super excited to show off some of the new baby items that our wonderful vendors have created. You can see them all in the video below. After the new items I go through some of the items we have in stock on the site to show you how to create an awesome one of a kind baby gift.

I hope that you enjoyed the video and have some ideas on how you could spoil a new baby, new mom as well as a big brother and/or sister. We have so many more baby items than what I could talk about in the video, you can check out all our baby items here.

Learn More About Our New Products

Baby Card

I am so excited to have these baby cards back in stock. These ones are made by H&M Design and come in three colours. $4 each. Check them out

One thing I learned as a new mom is how important burp cloths and receiving blankets are. I had stashes of each hidden all around my house so if I needed to quickly feed the baby or wanted to wrap them up they were super close and handy. These bundles from Marlene Made are just what every new mom needs. Check them out. 

How fun are these monster lamps? Perfect for camping, sleepovers or to keep monsters at bay while your child is sleeping. They come in two different colours and are made by H&M Design. Check them out


I just love the pattern selections for these ones. Such a wonderful baby gift. Check them out


What's Coming

 Iris Folding Class

This photo was taken a couple years ago at an Iris Folding class that Megan from H&M Design taught. It was such a fun experience. This is also a great clue as to what products are launching on Monday... any guesses?

What Else We Have Been Up To

Do You Buy Valentine's Day Gifts?

Heart Earrings 

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. I would love to know, do you usually purchase your valentine a gift? I love to give gifts so Valentine's Day is no exception. We usually focus on getting something small though and put the money towards doing something together.

Birthday Gift Idea
Birthday Gift Idea
If you are looking for a birthday gift, here is one idea for an awesome gift. As always the items on Thea-Bel are sold individually so you can add or subtract items to form the perfect gift. Pictured we have items from Peggy's Projects, The Humble Crafter, The Ruadh and Trade & Mark Soap Company.


Free Shipping

Free Shipping
Did you know that shipping is free when you spend $70? We want to make it easy for you to save money and support the local economy. Hundreds of items are available for sale with new items arriving weekly. Learn more

Want More?

Make sure you check out some of the Amazing Accessories that launched last week.

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