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Colour Changing Cups & More

Sarah Reuangrith

We have a very special blog in store for you this week. New product alert, we have added a great product that might just help you if your new year's resolution is to drink more water AND are a fun gift for Valentine's Day or Easter. It is also contest time again as another "Guess Who Made This" is happening (there is a hint that might help you below) and we show off so many great products that you are sure to love! Let us help make it easy to save time and money while supporting the local economy.

Product Launch: Colour Changing Cups

Check out this video to learn more about the new products being launched this week. We are just thrilled to finally have our colour changing cups added to the site. If you have been with us a little while you may recognize these cups. We did some unboxing videos on Facebook and the cups were so popular we sold out of many of the designs before we were able to get them online. We are thrilled now to have them on the site. These would be great for Valentine's or Easter gifts as you can customize them with your child's name and then fill them with treats. Learn more about the cups here.

Contest Time: Who Made This?

Who Made This?
It is time for another contest, to enter all you need to do is tell me which one of our talented vendors made this stunning piece? Here is a hint, her name vendor name means "Red-Haired" in Scottish Gaelic. You can enter by sending an email, commenting on this blog or by commenting on any of the social media posts linked to this contest. You will win a surprise gift from me. Winner will be contacted and announced on social media. Good luck. Contest ends Sunday, January 17, 2021.

Last Chance - Leaving Website Soon

Last Chance

With all the new inventory coming in, it is time for some of the older items to be pulled from the site. These beautiful cards from LB Creations will be leaving soon to make room for some new inventory. Check out all the items in our Last Chance Section and make sure you scoop up your favourites before it is too late. 

Mystery Pack Example

Mystery Pack Example

Want to know the best deal on our website? Mystery Packs. Each of our mystery packs are unique for the person who is ordering it. Think of this as a personal shopper that pulls together some amazing gifts from lots of local shops but then because they are a surprise, gives you a great deal! Here is an example of what a potential Valentine's Day themed package would look like. These packs can be customized to any occasion or person and are sure to wow you! Order yours today. 

 Mickey Mouse Items

Mickey Mouse
If you or someone you know loves Mickey Mouse then you will need to take a look at all the Mickey items that we have on the site. Combine a few items for an amazing one of a kind gift that supports the local economy. Shop Mickey
Mickey Mouse Gift Idea
Gift Idea
If you know a Mickey Mouse fan, here is a gift idea for them. Pictured you can see a hat from Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft, Post It Note holder from H&M Designs, Placemat from Peggy's Projects and Earrings from H&M Designs. We have so many different Mickey items, if you don't like these ones, swap them out for ones you do like. Check out all our Mickey Items


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