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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Sarah Reuangrith Gift Guide Gift Help Gift Ideas Valentine's Day

 Oooh this was a busy week with so many new items added to the site. I can't wait to share them all with you!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

 I am so excited to talk Valentine's Day, so much so that I put on my red lipstick and decked out my nails with little hearts. Check out the video below to see what is new as well as get some recommendations from some of our existing products. 

 One of the thing that I missed talking about (oops) is a big one, Valentine's Day cards. While we don't have any new ones for this year, we do have some stunning ones on the site. To see the cards as well as all the other Valentine's Day items, please check out our gift guide.

Learn More About Our New Products

Not all the items added are featured below. Make sure you checkout the What's New section for a complete list of new items.

How adorable is this mug!!!!! Not only is it super cute but it also changes colour when the contents are warmer or cool going from blue to purple. At $10 each you are going to want one for your sweetie AND yourself. Check them out

If you are looking to add something to your Valentine's Day gift, why not get this bear. It fits in the palm of your hands and would look amazing holding a rose or a gift card. Check it out

This tic tac toe game is the perfect size to carry in your purse for a quick game. Makes a great gift for the kids or to bring out during your Valentine's Day dinner. Check it out

Don't you just want to hug these pigs? They are so cute and would make a great gift for Valentine's Day. Check them out

Fragrance Oil Soap

Have you tried out Trade & Mark's Soap Company's amazing soap yet? So many great scents are back in stock. You are sure to find one that you love. Check them out.

Lip Balm

If you are planning to kiss your sweetheart this Valentine's Day you are going to want to use this first, your lips will thank you! Unlike many lip balm, this one doesn't leave your lips feeling waxy. Back in stock now.


What's Coming

Any guesses as to what new products are coming next week?

 Sarah Reuangrith

Hmmm, I am feeling really plain today... maybe time to Accessorize? Any guesses as to what items are launching on Monday, February 1?

What Else We Have Been Up To

Last Chance - Items Leaving the Website

Last Chance Christmas Balls

With all the new inventory coming in, it is time for some of the older items to be pulled from the site. These Christmas Balls from Geekdom Knits will be leaving soon to make room for some new inventory. Check out all the items in our Last Chance Section and make sure you scoop up your favourites before it is too late.  

Custom Job - Geekdom Knits

Custom Book Ornament

Check out one of the custom job that Geekdom Knit worked on for Christmas this year. These ornaments can be done in just about any colour and are the perfect gift for any book lover or graduate on your list. Check out all the made to order items that you can order here.


Under The Sea
Under The Sea
If you think the seaweed really is greener underwater then you are going to love taking a look at some of the items we have on our site that include underwater creatures. Check them out


Baby Gift Idea
Baby Gift Idea
If you are looking for a baby gift look no further than Thea-Bel. We have so many great baby items that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect combination for you. Pictured are items from Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft, The Humble Crafter and LB Creations. Shop Baby Items


Why We Started?
Sarah Reuangrith
Ever wonder about how Thea-Bel got started? Well, like so many great things, it started with a tea and a great conversation with a friend (Vanessa from Geekdom Knits). Eventually the topic of knitting came up. Vanessa is a self taught knitter and makes the most amazing items (if you haven't checked her out you should). Her items were very popular among our friends so I suggested that there was a market for them and that she should sell them. While she was interested in the prospect of making money doing something she loved, she wasn't too keen on the sales side of things. Marketing and sales is something that I have always loved to do so she suggested that I should sell them for her. After thinking it over, I realized that there was probably other creators that were in the same boat; ones that prefered to create and make money but preferred not to have to spend time in this area. Thea-Bel was born. I really feel like it is a win/win. By working together we all make money doing what we love!

Want More?

Make sure you check out our blog post last week where we help you get organized for Christmas 2021. It never is too early to start your Christmas shopping. Check it out.

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