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What's New - Nov 23 - 29, 2020

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Another busy week with lots to talk about. This week we have another contest running, you can learn more about our teas, check out some of our newest cards and more! 

Contest Time - Who Made This?

Who Made This?
It is time for another contest, to enter all you need to do is tell me which one of our talented vendors made this stunning piece? You can enter by sending an email, commenting on this blog or by commenting on any of the social media posts linked to this contest. You will win a surprise gift from me. Winner will be contacted and announced on social media. Good luck. Contest ends Sunday, Nov 29, 2020. 

 Video - Learn More About Our Teas
Big Hearts Apothecary Teas
I recently got my hands on some tea from Big Hearts Apothecary. Because I love her teas so much I just had to jump onto Facebook to talk about her teas and show off the beautiful packaging. You can check out the video here

Cross Stitch Cards
Cross Stitch Cards
If you are looking to wow someone with an amazing card, check out these ones from The Humble Crafter. Each of these is one of a kind and can be framed afterwards. All the cards are blank, there is one for every occasion. Check them out


Mini Christmas Sweaters
Mini Christmas Sweaters
If you are looking for a special Christmas ornament to decorate your tree, check out these adorable ones from Geekdom Knits. These fit in the palm of your hands and look amazing on the tree. Star Trek, Harry Potter, Avengers, Elf and Charlie Brown are just some of the designs that we have. $12 each. These lay flat so are super easy to mail with a Christmas card. Check them out

Mickey Mouse Gift Idea
Gift Idea
If you have a Mickey Mouse fan on your Christmas list, here is a gift idea for them. Pictured you can see a hat from Lindsey Gagnon Photography & Craft, Post It Note holder from H&M Designs, Placemat from Peggy's Projects and Earrings from H&M Designs. We have so many different Mickey items, if you don't like these ones, swap them out for ones you do like. Check out all our Mickey Items


Panda Items
Panda Items 
If you love Panda bears, they you are going to like today's collection. Check out some of the Panda items on our site. Check out Panda's

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