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What's New November 2 - 15, 2020

Sarah Reuangrith Contest New Inventory New Items

Sorry to lump these two weeks together, I had some personal stuff come up (we are all good, just took time away from the business). Looking forward to getting back at it as there are so many fun things I want to share with you! 

Whew this was another busy week of live videos showing off some of the new items we have received from vendors. This means lots of great savings for you if you order the items before they hit the site. I've listed all the live videos that I did below so that you don't miss one.

Now is a great time to start your Christmas shopping so that you get your items with lots of time to spare. Remember that all items on Thea-Bel ship together, regardless of how many vendors made your items. Let us help make things easy for you this year! Now sure what to buy? I love helping people find the perfect gift for those on their list. Let me know who you are struggling to shop for and I would be happy to make recommendations.

Also, scroll down to the bottom of this post as we are doing another contest and you will want to enter it.

 New Items - Peggy's Projects & H&M Design

Want to know what these are and why I am so excited about them? Make sure you check out our Facebook live video where I show them off in more detail along with some more cup designs from H&M Design. Check out video


New Cards - The Humble Crafter

New Cards

Check out some of the stunning cards from The Humble Crafter in one of our recent Facebook Live videos. These cards are sure to be ones that people keep! Check out video and learn how you can save money!

New Items - LB Creations & H&M Design

New Items

Here is another live video that I did that includes some made to order cards from LB Creations, awesome drink pouches (stocking stuffers anyone) and monster lamps from H&M Design. Save 15% if you order before the items hit the website. Check out video. 

Baby Ideas
Handmade Baby Ideas
If you have any babies to buy for this year look no further than Thea-Bel. We have a variety of baby items, you are sure you will find something that you love! Check out baby items


Decorate Your Table With Stunning Placemats
Handmade Placemats
Wanting to spice up your kitchen table? Why not choose some mix and match placemats that show off the personality of the person who sits at that spot? There are so many fun patterns to choose from including Mickey, Scuba, Harry Potter, Disney Princesses and more. Check them out


Contest Time - Who Made This
Who Made This
This stunning urn was made by one of our talented vendors. If you can correctly tell me who made it, you will go into a draw to win one of Geekdom Knit's latest Christmas ornaments. I will draw a winner on November 16, 2020. Enter by email, commenting on this blog in the comments or by replying to any of the social medias posts related to this contest.

Want More

Christmas is fast approaching, if you enjoy this season as much as me, you will probably enjoy this blog post from last year. I share some of the reasons to shop local, fun holiday traditions around the world, how to gift wrap and more. Check it out

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