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What's New October 12 - 18, 2020

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And just like that fall is upon us! This week I am writing this post bundled up with one of my winter sweaters after waking up to a killing frost. What a difference a couple days has made, it seems like just last week I was outside wearing shorts (or wait I was). With fall upon us, I start looking forward to lots of tea, movies and candle light.... and of course Christmas. My vendors also start to look towards the holidays so don't be surprised if you start to see an increase in the number of inventory items added each week.


Here is a quote to kick your week off. The more you do something, the less scary it is but also the more you are willing to try. How do you feel about this one?


Save 15% on Marlene Made Items

Last week I introduced you to Marlene, our newest vendor on Thea-Bel. I did a Facebook live video on October 9, 2020 where I showed off some of her new items with an incentive to place an order early. You save 15% on all her items UNTIL they are added officially onto the website. Check out the video to see her items and don't delay on placing your order.


Back in Stock


Christmas may seem a long way off but don't let it sneak up on you... Why not save yourself a headache later and get some cards now so that you are not scrambling later. We have this one as well as a felt stocking card back in stock from H&M Design. Check them out

Product Recommendation

With the colder weather upon us you might be looking for something to keep your head warm. Instead of going for something generic, why not shop the great selection of hats that we have on Thea-Bel. Pictured is one from The Humble Crafter but many other hats are available. Check them out


New Cards

I am a huge fan of these new cards from H&M Design. They would be perfect to send to someone going through a rough time. In 2020 who doesn't fit into this? I love the idea of pairing them with some earrings or a bar of soap for an easy thinking of you gift that is sure to brighten someone's day. Check them out



Maple Leaves
The leaves are so beautiful this time of year, it just makes me so happy to see them. While we might not have many maple trees where I live, I do have a soft spot for them... I am Canadian afterall. We have so many great products that have maple leaves on them. Check them out.



Thanksgiving may have happened on Monday but as we move into the colder weather meal time becomes that much more important, at least to me. It gets dark so early now that most of the gatherings that I host are done around the dinner table. I am a big fan of doing seating charts for small events, such as a dinner party as well as larger ones. In this blog post we give you some reasons why you should have a seating plan as well as how to execute one. Read Article


 Until Next Time...

I would love to hear from you, what items do you want to see more of on Thea-Bel?


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