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My name is Heather Zloty and I am a Herbalist in Langdon, Alberta. As a busy Mother of 3 young kids, I am also healer at heart and I am always learning about alternative healing practices. I have taken many herbal courses over the years and have a list of others I still want to take. I have recently completed my Herbal Immersion program and I am also a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach. As far back as I can remember herbs have always called to me. I have spent the last several years studying them casually but after a serious diagnosis of my 3 year old daughter in 2014 my training went into overdrive as I search for a cure for Pulmonary Hypertension. We have been working closely with her specialists to integrate herbs into her daily routine and she is currently stable. Everything I offer is handmade and crafted with love and care., maybe a little Reiki healing energy too! Making herbal medicine and working in the garden are my soul food. I love them so much and I can talk for hours about it so I really wanted to share that passion with everyone else. I am always happy to answer questions and if I dont know the answer, I love researching and finding it out for you. I hope you enjoy these herbal offerings, check back often because stock and services will always be changing! ‚Äč

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