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General FAQ

How does it work?

Think of Thea-Bel like an online consignment store for quality handmade items.  Talented people make their wares and then give them to Thea-Bel to market and sell.  Once the item(s) have sold, the seller is paid.  

What is local?

Thea-Bel is located just outside of Calgary in Langdon, Alberta and accept suppliers from across Canada.  We are happy to ship items throughout Canada.  Free pickup is always available in Langdon.

What kind of items do you accept?

We accept all different kinds of quality handmade goods, everything from jewelry, clothing, bath products, stationary items, etc.  If you have something you are not sure about, send us an email and ask.


What if the item I want is sold out or I want more quantity than is available?

Please send an email to info@thea-bel.ca with what you are looking for.  Many of my vendors are happy to recreate items that have been sold previously.

Where do I learn more about attending/hosting an online market?

You can learn more about our markets here.

Vendor FAQ

Check out our FAQ about our new vendor membership program here.

I don't make many items per year, is there a minimum number of items required to sign up as a vendor?

Thea-Bel requires only one item per year to keep the account active.  Our goal is to support low volume individuals who take pride in their work and produce a well made item.  We are not concerned if that is one item per year or 300.  

How much money can I make?

That depends a lot on you.  We pay 70% of the retail cost to you once the item sells.  The more items we have, the more opportunity there is for a sale.  The higher the cost of the item, the more money you make per transaction.

What does Thea-Bel do to earn 30%, what do I get?

Thea-Bel takes all the time and stress away from you when it comes to selling your product, leaving you with more time to do what you love.  What we do will depend slightly on the product and vendor membership level but will include some of the following: taking photos of your items, writing descriptions, posting the items for sale, using social media to attract attention, fielding customer inquires, collecting payment, shipping or making arrangements to get the item(s) to the customer, attending trade shows, etc.  You also get a supplier profile page on our website and of course marketing expertise and advice to make sure your products sell.

 Who sets the price?

 The short answer is that it is a joint effort.  When the supplier gives us the items to sell, we will ask what they would like to sell it at and if it is reasonable that is the price.  However, if the seller sells the items on another platform or at markets we ask that they sell it at the same price through Thea-Bel (it shouldn't matter where customers purchase the items). 

Do I need to be exclusive with Thea-Bel?

No, we understand that you have current customers and are happy for you to continue to service them.  We are also fine with you doing trade shows, advertising and conducting business as you usual do.  Thea-Bel has confidence that once you try us out, you will want to increase your business dealings with us as it is just so easy!  

I notice that you have other suppliers that do what I do, can I still sign up?

Yes please do, every person puts their own spin on their merchandise so even the same products will look different when created by different people. Also, as we don't ask for guaranteed items per month or year we can't always get the items we need from our current suppliers.  Having multiple people that make similar items allows us to meet customer demand.  Please rest assured that Thea-Bel is more interested in forming an artistic community so will prevent suppliers from low balling each other or providing the exact same items if at all possible.

I love the idea but don't have any items to sell yet?

That's fine, we would encourage you to fill out a supplier contract anyway.  Our services extent to marketing advice as well as the selling of your handmade goods.  Thea-Bel has a list of items that we think would be great sellers, we just need talented people such as yourself to make them.  By getting the contract in right away, you are added to our database and we are able to direct custom work or ideas your way.  We are also available to assist if you have any questions on packaging or need extra support in getting your product(s) made.