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Lane's Custom Wood Works

I love woodworking and now that retirement is closer, I'm looking forward to having more time to have fun creating beautiful pieces.  One of the best parts about working with wood is that every piece turns out differently.  Wood has character and I really enjoy shaping it into pretty things that people are proud to have in their homes.

I first starting working with wood in my early teens through school in grades 11 & 12 and have been hooked since then, although it has only been recently that I have looked at selling my pieces.  It all started when my sisters wanted to know if I could make an urn for our mother who has her 93rd birthday coming up in March (2017).  She is in a home for seniors and having me create an urn for her was her wish.  I bought a wood lathe and the first thing I made was the urn.  I made it out of some wood from the farm where she raised us 6 kids.   The wood actually was from the wooden poles and cross members of the clothes line on the farm. She was so happy to see what I had made for her that I decided to make urns for other people.  

I've been married for 40 years now and am a proud father and grandfather.  I have lived in or around Donalda, Alberta for my entire life.  We own some land and our kids and now our grand kids enjoy climbing the banks and looking for dinosaur bones and Indian artifacts. This has been a great hobby of mine since I was a young boy.  Both Museums from Edmonton and Drumheller have been out to see what we have.   

       I also read a lot (mostly non-fiction and the history of Canada and Alberta), enjoy fishing, exploring Canada, and playing in my band (I play guitar, bass and am currently working on learning the fiddle).  

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Some of Lane's Work:


Custom Work:

Do you have a piece of wood that comes from somewhere with sentimental value?  Maybe you have some deck boards from your home or a piece of wood from your grandfathers barn...  I would be happy to make you something special from this reclaimed wood.

I made wood lathed jewellery boxes, candle holders and urns (human and pets).  

I also do metal fabrication, lawn ornaments, signs, gates, etc.