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Peggy's Projects


My name is Peggy. Some of the creations I have done include a Story Tree Quilt for my grown daughter, a quilt for our 40th wedding anniversary that includes pictures from our life and a quilt of urban planning for my son.  I have tried interesting patterns for placemats and runners and small quilts.  During the COVID time, I took up creating masks for friends and family.  For crocheting, I use a variety of different wools (I love different textures and yarns with variegated colours.

Besides sewing and crocheting, I also participate in Tai Chi, Aquasize, walking our dog (she’s a 13 year old chocolate lab), Healing Pathways, sing in choir (well, right now I am one of 3 people doing the singing for our church services in a safe way), doing lots of gardening projects with my husband and I love to read.  I have also been in a couple of plays at our church.  This is a picture of me when I was a cat in our production of Honk.  My daughter played the mother duck.  What fun it was (and oh, was I stressed!)  Besides my daughter (who works for the U of C doing exchange programs – yes that is looking quite different these days!), I have two grown sons, one who lives in Vancouver (he’s passionate about urban planning) and the other is a computer nerd here in Calgary.  I am a retired teacher (career #2, #1 was a business degree).  My husband is a retired accountant who enjoys doing building projects, playing baseball, curling and golfing.

Last year we did a trip to retrace my grandparent’s roots in Poland and Ukraine, then had a party to celebrate our 40th Anniversary and two weeks after that did a trip to Ireland.  I guess that makes up for no trips this year!

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Custom Work:

 I love to take on custom work. I can make themed placemats for a variety of  subjects including but not limited to: Disney, Mickey, baseball, soccer, hockey, figure skating, gardening, heroes/ heroines (Superman, Spiderman, etc.), different books like Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, fairy tales, Phantom of the Opera, material with words of different types, cats, dogs, horses, … ask me and I night have it (or can find it).  In this time of COVID, I have learned to make masks also.