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Vendor Portal

Welcome Vendors!

Here are all the documents that pertain to being a vendor, all in one spot. If there is something missing that you want to see please let me know.

Important Documents

Getting Started - Where to Send Items as well as some general information

Tips for Success - Here are our tips on how to be successful

Inventory Guidelines - Some general information about how items are added to the site

Why Pricing Must be the Same Across All Channels - In our terms and conditions we state that items we sell must be listed at the same price that you sell items at through your own websites or other places. In this article we talk about why.

Why Spreading the Word is so Important - we are in this together, let's look at some numbers and see why it is so important for everyone to spread the word.

The Number One Reason that Items Do Not Sell and How to Fix it - A look at the biggest reason your items are not selling and then how to fix it.

5 Tips for Taking Good Product Photos - In this blog post I give 5 tips for taking good product photos 

Silver Level Documents

Item Form - Please submit this information with each drop off.  It is fine to copy and paste the table into an email or you can attach a word document

How to Fill in Item Form - General information regarding submitting inventory items as well as how to fill in the item form.

Photography Tips - Tips for how best to take photos of your items.  Remember not to send high resolution posts as it slows download speed and prevents posting on social media

How to Save on Yearly Membership

 Here are the ways that you can save on next years' membership.  Remember that all of these added together provides your discount.

  • Earn 15% credit on every purchase you make through Thea-Bel (spend $100, and you’ll earn $15 credit towards your vendor fee.)
  • Earn 15% credit on total amount paid to you per year  (If you make $200 in sales, you’ll earn a free silver vendor program for one year!)
  • Share our posts on social media using #TheabelVendor, and for every 10 shares you earn $5 credit (If you share on average 5 Thea-Bel posts per month, you’ll earn $30 credit towards your vendor fee.)

Here are some files to help:

How to Share on Facebook - Here is a step by step guide to how to share and get credit

Ways to Help Spread the Word

We are all taking this journey together, we are all successful or not.  The more people who visit our site and follow us on social media, the more money we all make.  Here are some ways that you can easily help to ensure as many people as possible see our site.

Referral Cards - We give them to you with orders, here is how to use them effectively