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Harry Potter House Crest Bookmarks

The Ruadh

Harry Potter House Crest Bookmarks

$4.88 $6.50

Sure, you might not always be reading our favourite novels, but you can still show your colours with these gold Harry Potter-inspired bookmarks! Gold house crest decal on a black background, laminated bookmark with tassel in appropriate colours.

Gold Harry Potter house crest on a black background, laminated bookmark with tassel. 

Various crests available, make sure you select the one you are wanting to order.

Consider combining a bookmark with one of our other Harry Potter items to create a one of a kind gift. Shop all Harry Potter items.

Due to the nature of handmade items, no two items can ever be exactly the same.  Product may look slightly different than pictured.

Created by The Ruadh.

Ruadh means red-haired in Scottish Gaelic so I'm sure you can Stacey's background.  Based out of Calgary, Stacey is a very busy crafter who knits, crochet's, makes bath and beauty products and now bookmarks among many things.  Learn more about the Ruadh by visiting her webpage.
Want to see this items up close, make sure you checkout our YouTube Channel to see a video of us showing these items up close. Look for the September 9, 2019 video or check it out below.

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