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Lady Pads (2 Pack)

Magpie Pie

Lady Pads (2 Pack)


For those light days, for those days you’re tired of chafing, and for those days you need a little extra protection, these are for you.  

Made of new cotton fleece fabric, these pads are also reusable and breathable - unlike many of the plastic disposable ones.   

These are are generally one sized but a custom order request can be made.
Multiple patterns are available so please make sure you select which one you want during checkout.
Each liner is approximately 22 cm's long and 17.5 cm's wide and contains a snap to hold it in place.

Please note. these are considered pantyliner and are not intended to be waterproof. These pads are machine washable but use of fabric softener and dryer sheets is not recommended. All pads are designed the same but fabric thicknesses may vary. 
Continue your journey to use more environmentally friendly products by pairing your lady pads purchase with some of reusable produce bags. Shop


Magpie Pie (Jennifer) is a Calgary based crafter who is best known for her stunning book earrings. She also dabbles in a bit in sewing.   Learn more about them by visiting their web-page.

One of the beautiful thing about Thea-Bel is that we have a lot of variety of really unique items. The downside to that is that it means we often have limited quantities of each of the items (often one or two). If you see something you like please make a purchase quickly as our stock does turn over fairly quick. If you see something that you like but it doesn't have enough stock, has sold or you can no longer find it on the website, please contact us and we can always see what we can do about getting more made for you. 

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