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Placemats - Multiple Patterns

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Placemats - Multiple Patterns

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Make dinner time fun with these beautiful one of a kind placemats! Mix and match them to create a beautiful table showcasing each person's personality. Everyone can have fun at meals with these! 

Double sided design allows you to choose which side you want to showcase.

When mixing and matching please note the reverse side of the placemats as multiple fabrics were used and ones you have selected may not match.

Placemats are 18 ½” x 14” (as each one is made individually some are slightly off this size and will be indicated below).

Multiple patterns are available, please make sure you select the one you want from the drop down list.

Placemats are sold individually, if you want more than one please adjust the quantities to reflect this. These are usually made in pairs but if you want more of a certain pattern please get in touch and we can see about getting more made. Peggy is happy to take custom orders.

Here is some more information about each of the designs (while quantities last):

  • Soccer - soccer players, running shoes and teal material. Backside is pink/blue multicolored.    
  • Frozen, Disney Princesses -  Princess silhouettes, sparkly snowflakes and blue and pink triangles. Pink and blue multicolored backside
  • Swimmer’s Placemats – mirror image.  Turquoise and medium blue with backing a white with tiny red/blue/black dots.    These measure 17 ½” X 13 ½ “. 
  • Scuba Divers/ world map Placemats – mirror image.  Medium blue water with black scuba divers/ red flippers, continents on blue water, plus a bluey/ green watery type pattern, with backing a white with pink and blue light pattern.    These measure 18 ½” X 13 ½ “. 
  • Gryffindor /Hogwarts Owl Placemats – mirror image.  Red/black gryffindor, white owls on blue and a blue with red pattern, with backing a white with pink and blue light pattern.    These measure 18 ½” X 13 ½ “.  
  • Ravenclaw  /Hogwarts Owl Placemats – mirror image.  Blue/ Grey gryfindor, white owls on blue and a blue with red pattern, with backing a white with pink and blue light pattern.    These measure 18 ½” X 13 ½ “. 
  • Mickey Mouse placemats – mirror image.  Medium blue and bright yellow. With yellow patterned material showing mickey’s expressions and his picture and the bright blue having different poses for mickey.  Back side is white material with red/blue/black dots.  Measures 18 ½” x 13 ½ “
  • Disney Princess Placemats – mirror image.  The one material is bright pink Sleeping Beauty, Disney Princesses light pink on white and a blue/pink on white background; backing is pink/ blue watery patterns.These measure 18 ½” X 13 ½ “. 

Consider pairing this item with one some of Busy Bree's amazing wax wraps.  These wraps make saving leftovers easy as you can cover the plates or bowls for later.  Items on Thea-Bel ship together, regardless of who made it so load up your cart and save yourself time placing multiple orders, trips to the post office and shipping costs.  Check them out.

Due to the nature of handmade items, no two items can ever be exactly the same.  Product may look slightly different than pictured. 

Peggy is a Calgary based crafter who creates stunning one of a kind placemats and crochet items. Learn more about her by visiting her web-page.

One of the beautiful thing about Thea-Bel is that we have a lot of variety of really unique items. The downside to that is that it means we often have limited quantities of each of the items (often one or two). If you see something you like please make a purchase quickly as our stock does turn over fairly quick. If you see something that you like but it doesn't have enough stock, has sold or you can no longer find it on the website, please contact us and we can always see what we can do about getting more made for you. 

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